WFATT World Congress, Japan, 2019

June 1, 2019 ARTI

ARTI was happy to sponsor her informative talk on injury surveillance as an Athletic Therapist/Trainer: how to easily and accurately track injuries and use this information to inform and improve your practice.

Dr O’Connor stated that: “This was an hour and a half applied talk on how to incorporate simple and cost-effective strategies to benefit athletic therapists’ clinical practice, improve patient and athlete safety and care and inform policies within the organisations athletic therapists may work. I was delighted with how well the talk was received and the feedback from the attendees.

At WFATT we have shown our progress and commitment to the future of athletic therapy and shared the necessity of establishing our identity. This is definitely something that’s important to our members as they face their own barriers to establishing their identity as Certified Athletic Therapists.

Well done to the organizers JATO for putting together such a hugely successful congress. Here at ARTI, we look forward to the next WFATT World Congress in 2021. Nothing more exciting than the biggest names in the profession coming together to share knowledge and experience.

To see more from the speakers who attended you can go to the WFATT2019WorldCongressXTokyo Facebook page.


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July 27, 2020

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