Kevin Feely CAT talks with ARTI; All things ATT, CAT and Sport.

May 29, 2019 ARTI

We chatted with Kevin Feely, Head Therapist KF Athletic Therapy Clinic about all things ATT, CAT and sport.

Kevin speaks about the impact that both DCU and ARTI has had on my professional and sporting journey to date. Kevin Feely is currently running an Athletic Therapy and Performance Clinic known as the Kevin Feely Athletic Therapy Clinic in Tallaght, Dublin.

Prior to this, he completed a 4 year Bachelor of Science degree in Athletic Therapy and Training in DCU before joining Athletic Rehabilitation Therapy Ireland (ARTI) as a Certified Athletic Therapist and completing a Masters degree in Strength and Conditioning.

Speaking about his time in university Kevin explains that “ATT in DCU was an obvious choice for me as a college course due to my keen interest in sport, injuries, and performance. Throughout my 4 years study in DCU the level of knowledge I obtained in areas such as injuries (assessment, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, prevention), health and fitness, sports nutrition, psychology, exercise physiology, biomechanics, and research application was vast and the level of lecturing and teaching was to an elite standard.”

The impact this newfound knowledge had would affect more than just his future career. “This knowledge not only guided my professional career but also had a distinct impact on my sporting career both as a professional football player and inter-county level Gaelic Football player. Firstly, the information I was gaining through my studies contributed to my own development as an athlete and allowed me to lead a predominantly major injury-free career to date. Secondly, through DCU and my membership with ARTI, I was able to forge professional sporting relationships and connections which would have a huge influence on the formation of my own Athletic Therapy and Performance Clinic”.

Kevin is so most certainly a valued member of the ARTI team, and we are so delighted that he feels “it has been a thoroughly enjoyable professional and sporting journey to date and I can’t thank nor recommend enough the ATT course in DCU and my governing body ARTI for what they have done for my career.”

Kevin expresses his hope that “this relationship continues to prosper and the name and reputation of Athletic Therapy continues to grow and prosper in both Ireland and worldwide”, which is only possible with the continued support of members like Kevin who strive to raise the profile of Athletic Therapy and ARTI in Ireland.

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