Phil Glasgow – Hip and Groin Pain In Sport Workshop (2 days) – Kilkenny 04/05 Feb 2017

October 5, 2016 ARTI

Hip and Groin Pain in Sport (2 day workshop) with Phil Glasgow available to ARTI members. See following link for more details. Cost – 275.00 euro.

Course Overview:

This highly practical two-day course will enable participants to enhance their assessment, treatment and rehabilitation skills in the management of sport-related hip and groin pain. Course participants will learn about pathomechanics of pelvic function and its role in high-speed activities such as running, kicking and throwing. Hip and groin pain in sport will be discussed and a sport specific approach to assessment will be taught to improve physical examination and diagnostic skills. Sport specific treatment techniques to address specific dysfunctions will be taught. This will include manual techniques for both the joints and the muscle-tendon unit as well as exercise interventions. This course will provide participants will the skills necessary to retrain appropriate movement patterns, enhance energy transfer and restore sport-specific function.

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